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September 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-24 (UTC)

  • Reading – It’s Official: Apple’s New (TomTom Powered) Maps Suck, Big Time [Fletch, #
  • Reading – Poll Analysis: SC magically turns red! (Darryl, HorsesAss) #
  • Reading – Am I Unfair to Romney? (Josh Marshall) #
  • Reading – If Iran goes dark on the internet, will citizens find a way to stay connected? (Lorie Wimble) #
  • Reading – Strategic Failure (Josh Marshall) #
  • Reading – Campaign 2012: 2nd District (Nebraska) could be blue again [Robynn Tysver] #
  • EC Update for Mon Sep 24 done. Added polls in PA CO FL OH NE NE2 MT. No category changes. #
  • Reading – I love these. Fuck you, Mitt. (johnjlm) #
  • Reading – ‘Free Libya’ Crowds in Benghazi rally against Militias, Drive al-Qaeda out of City (Juan Cole) #
  • Reading – Space Is the New Frontier of the 2012 Presidential Campaign
    (Megan Garber) #
  • Important -> Reading – Five lessons from the de-listing of MEK as a terrorist group (Glenn Greenwald) #
  • Reading – Now What Could Explain This Number? (Michael Tomasky) #
  • Watching – Undecided Voter (SNL) #
  • Reading – Can Romney replicate Bush’s 2004 path to victory? It looks dicey. (Chris Cillizza) ttp:// #
  • Reading – In Most of the Country, the White Working Class Likes President Obama Just Fine (Kevin Drum) #
  • RT @ppppolls: Romney’s net favorability in Florida has dropped 9 points in the last three weeks #
  • Reading – Maybe The Internet Only Wants One of Everything (Eliot Van Buskirk) #
  • Reading – Historian reveals the Second World War hero who inspired the creation of James Bond (Jasper Copping) #
  • Reeading – Why we Disabled Google Checkout / Google Wallet on our Site (Michael, Weaknees) #
  • Reading – The New World (Derek Watkins, Joe Burgess & Bill Marsh) #
  • Reading – Report: America Ranks Behind Estonia In Internet ‘Freedom’. Here’s Why (Gregory Ferenstein) #
  • Reading – Romney follows Axelrod’s script to the letter (Greg Sargent) #
  • MT @ThoughtnDesign: @abulsme I fear ur right, the people have already litigated this. But Romney’s smarminess is fresh: #
  • Reading – Romney’s Tax Release: No Big Surprises, Ctd (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – Apple to Launch Personal Pickup for iPhone 5 Tonight (Eric Slivka) #
  • RT @OreoDCW: It’s a new week. What will @MittRomney‘s GaffeMaster 3000 implant spew out in the next few days? #
  • Reading – SPD Shot and Killed a Mentally Disabled Man in His Doorway Last Night (Dominic Holden) #
  • Reading – Daily Breakdown: Romney’s Chances Are In Jeopardy (Nate Cohn) #
  • Reading – Apple TV update 5.1 brings shared photo streams and iTunes account swapping, available now
    (Ben Gilbert) #
  • Reading – Maria Bartiromo hammers media over “petty” obsession with Romney tax returns (Christian Heinze) #