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September 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-15 (UTC)

  • MT @joshtpm: @ some pt Romney gets moment of clarity when realizes Obama has Voodoo'd him into talking abt everything under sun besides econ #
  • Reading – Note to AP: Don’t Be Dupes (Josh Marshall) #
  • Reading – Thoughts and Observations Regarding Yesterday’s iPhone 5 and Music Event (John Gruber) #
  • Reading – Mitt Romney Drops His 3 a.m. Phone Call (James Fallows) #
  • MT @mattyglesias: I blame Obama's weak-kneed strategy of appeasement and apology. RT @majidyar: Unconfirmed reports Mullah Omar killed. #
  • MT @ThoughtnDesign Can't Wait! MT @upwithchris: Good morning #uppers Today we're examining the Mid East, Romney FP & tensions with Israel. #
  • @ThoughtnDesign @upwithchris My cousin @natsecHeather will be one of the guests. Enjoy the show! I'm grabbing it on my @Tivo for later. #
  • RT @ThoughtnDesign @abulsme This line of attack on Obama is so absurd. Obviously this man luvs killing terrorists. #
  • @ThoughtnDesign Reality is so constraining though. Why be bound? #
  • RT @ThoughtnDesign: Hope u r up early editing the next episode of Curmudgeon's Corner. @abulsme #JustSayin #
  • @ThoughtnDesign Last CC out Wednesday. Next not rec until tommorrow . Was actually still up from Fri. Cleaning. #NotFunStuff #UpAgainAlready #
  • @ThoughtnDesign Alex says sun is up so it is wake wake time. Doesn't care it is less than four hours since mommy and daddy went to bed. #
  • EC Update for Sat Sep 15 done. Polls added for CO VA WA NJ NC IL PA. No category changes. #
  • RT @ThoughtnDesign I remember those days. #
  • @ThoughtnDesign Sleepy days. :-) #
  • RT @texasinafrica: Dear @CNN, rage against that film has not "spread" to Africa – Egypt & Libya are IN Africa: #
  • Reading – Sept. 13: After Convention Bounce, Holding Obama’s Polls to a Higher Standard (Nate Silver) #
  • MT @jamisonfoser: Romney didn’t say middle income is $200k-$250k. He said that’s upper bound of middle income. Which is still dumb. #
  • For reference, middle 60% for US Household Income = $18.5k to $92k per year (2005 numbers). #
  • RT @Glinner: Just saw a bit of that film. It's THAT easy to cause a global shitstorm? #
  • Amy's breakfast set off the smoke alarms. My ears hurt. #
  • MT @aburnspolitico: RT @MarkLeibovich: If elect were held today, a lot of people would be surprised. Cause its s'posed to be in Nov, y'know? #
  • Reading – State Department: Stop asking us about the Benghazi attack (Josh Rogin) #
  • RT @SimonJackman: @jbplainblog looks like the convention effects have peaked (thanks Rasmussen) #
  • RT @ThoughtnDesign @abulsme Any chance they'll charge that guy for exciting a riot? #
  • @ThoughtnDesign I have heard some talk of something like that, but I think it would be extremely misguided and wrong. Hope they don't. #
  • Reading – Rick Santorum: "Smart People Will Never Be on Our Side" (Charles Johnson) #
  • Reading – Mars Curiosity Rover’s Landing Video Now In Ultra HD (Carl Franzen) #
  • Reading – Why Romney Will Win (Dick Morris) #
  • MT @owillis: pet peeve & i see libs doing it now but everyone does it. potus is commander-in-chief of us military NOT the american people. #
  • Reading – FAA: passenger flights OK at Paine Field (AP) #
  • Reading – Obama Bump Translates to Electoral College Lead (Mark Blumenthal) #
  • Reading – We Don’t Need No Education (Paul Krugman) #
  • Reading – Model-Based Poll Averaging: How Do We Do It? (Simon Jackman) #
  • Reading – 'EVE Online' players were first to learn of US official's death in Libya (Andrew Webster) #
  • Reading – Dinesh D'Souza and Gondorian Exceptionalism (Doctor Science, Obsidian Wings) #

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As of when this posts at 19:17 UTC (12:17 PM Pacific, 3:17 PM Eastern) I will be exactly 41 years old. Woo!?

Now, nominally my birthday is the 16th, not the 15th, but with properly taking into account leap days and the exact proper length of a year, etc, this is where it ends up. So I get to celebrate a day earlier than folks would perhaps normally think. Exciting, huh?