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Beginning Operation Compact Garage

Click pictures to embiggen.

Starting state viewed from inside house:


Starting state viewed from driveway:


Plan: It is a nice sunny warm weekend. No rain forecast. Empty the ENTIRE garage, putting everything in the driveway. Then put it all back, just in a more compact and possibly (but maybe not) organized way. Based on exploring the voids currently in the garage, I expect to be able to free up 1/3 to 1/2 of the garage. We shall see!

17 comments to Beginning Operation Compact Garage

  • Ruth M Brandon

    may all go well! It is a good project.

  • From MF via Google+:

    Good luck Sam! We still have to tackle ours, but the little one keeps us busy these days :-)

    2:29 PM

  • From SM via Google+:

    I’m actually just catching up on putting my recent posts on Google+. Operation Compact Garage was finished on Sunday. You can catch up by just looking at for the more recent posts. Or eventually I’ll get them all posted here on G+ too. :-)

    2:33 PM

  • Diane Minter

    Congratulations! Organizing is always so satisfying. Unfortunately, I share a house with two collecters. Though Jony is living in Cuernavaca now, close to the University, his art projects, etc. occupy three rooms of the house plus part of Juan´s shop. and I no longer can get rid of old TV, clothes, you name it because they are a potential ingredients of a new project. Looking forward to him graduating and reclaiming my spaces.

    Is everyone feeling better Gather it was a rough spring.


  • @DM: I am definitely borderline hoarder. It is really tough for me to let things go! But I am starting to be kinda sorta ready to let some things go. :-)

    As for how everybody feels, Brandy is still battling things, but I think everybody else is more or less back to normal at this point… which unfortunately still involves allergies, but the actual sick seems to be mainly gone from the non-Brandy part of the family. Hopefully someday Brandy will kick her cough too. (Of course, she also hurt her foot, so there is always something it seems.)

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