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Beginning Operation Compact Garage

Click pictures to embiggen.

Starting state viewed from inside house:


Starting state viewed from driveway:


Plan: It is a nice sunny warm weekend. No rain forecast. Empty the ENTIRE garage, putting everything in the driveway. Then put it all back, just in a more compact and possibly (but maybe not) organized way. Based on exploring the voids currently in the garage, I expect to be able to free up 1/3 to 1/2 of the garage. We shall see!

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  • Ruth M Brandon

    may all go well! It is a good project.

  • From MF via Google+:

    Good luck Sam! We still have to tackle ours, but the little one keeps us busy these days :-)п»ї

    2:29 PM

  • From SM via Google+:

    I’m actually just catching up on putting my recent posts on Google+. Operation Compact Garage was finished on Sunday. You can catch up by just looking at for the more recent posts. Or eventually I’ll get them all posted here on G+ too. :-)п»ї

    2:33 PM

  • Diane Minter

    Congratulations! Organizing is always so satisfying. Unfortunately, I share a house with two collecters. Though Jony is living in Cuernavaca now, close to the University, his art projects, etc. occupy three rooms of the house plus part of JuanВґs shop. and I no longer can get rid of old TV, clothes, you name it because they are a potential ingredients of a new project. Looking forward to him graduating and reclaiming my spaces.

    Is everyone feeling better Gather it was a rough spring.


  • @DM: I am definitely borderline hoarder. It is really tough for me to let things go! But I am starting to be kinda sorta ready to let some things go. :-)

    As for how everybody feels, Brandy is still battling things, but I think everybody else is more or less back to normal at this point… which unfortunately still involves allergies, but the actual sick seems to be mainly gone from the non-Brandy part of the family. Hopefully someday Brandy will kick her cough too. (Of course, she also hurt her foot, so there is always something it seems.)

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