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@abulsme tweets from 2013-07-31 (UTC)

  • Reading – McCain, Graham heading to Egypt at president’s request (Dana Bash) 00:40:28
  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 7/30/2013: 1,845 steps and 1.4 km traveled. 01:01:40
  • :-( -> Reading – Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Is Upheld (Somini Sengupta) 01:05:04
  • RT @reedandi: Horror story in two sentences: 01:10:14
  • Reading – Driver in Fatal Spanish Train Was on Phone, Court Says (AP) 01:44:44
  • RT @MishaRN: RT @NatGeopix: You're drunk, rainbow 04:49:49
  • Reading – Google's Data-Trove Dance (Amir Efrati) 06:43:12
  • Reading – The GOP primary is a lot like the NCAA tournament (Matt K. Lewis) 07:43:32
  • Reading – Senators strongly criticise intelligence chiefs over NSA data collection (Spencer Ackerman) 14:28:14
  • Next Shoe -> Revealed: NSA program collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet' (Greenwald) 14:39:09
  • Oh yeah, recorded CC with Ivan about 11 hours ago. Will but it out later this week as usual… 14:44:26
  • RT @joshuafoust: Shocking revelation: NSA has a tool to conduct signals and internet surveillance. 15:01:33
  • RT @joshuafoust: Not shocking: GG is failing, again, to distinguish between capabilities and laws. 15:01:40
  • RT @joshuafoust: The FBI can tap your phone whenever it wants. Laws & regs prevent it from doing so. NSA faces similar constraints http://t… 15:01:45
  • Don’t agree with points in the last few I RTed. Just having some capabilities is disturbing in own right. But counter argument important. 15:04:27
  • Especially when secret with limited controls, opportunity for abuse is great. Not the same as powers with strong public checks and balances. 15:05:50
  • Reading – Marco Rubio's Deeply Irresponsible Strategy for Defunding Obamacare (Conor Friedersdorf) 15:16:16
  • Yesterday the hosting provider I keep my personal dashboard of graphs on changed something and my stuff stopped working. Lovely. 15:36:18
  • I had moved my personal wiki off them a few months ago, with the intention of moving everything off, but hasn't gotten to the rest yet. 15:37:02
  • This will be the push I need. Probably wont get to it until the weekend though. Right now my stuff on four different host companies. 15:38:48
  • This one is currently the most expensive of the four, and the least used. Consolidation to three will be good. Eventually to one hopefully. 15:39:54
  • But goal for this weekend is to just kill this 1 and get down to paying 3 companies instead of 4 & to get this part of site working again. 15:41:38
  • Hit NYT paywall for the first time. Know multiple ways I could see the article anyway. Or I could subscribe. But I will just skip article. 17:28:58
  • Reading – FISA Court Orders Are Rarely Challenged, Presiding Judge Says (Conor Friedersdorf) 17:36:36
  • Reading – Senator Who's Taking on the NSA Explains Why He Could Still Win (AJ Vicens) 17:58:11
  • with morsi its us recent books skin now waste life recipe mugabe business photo house press tied at susan 19:19:58
  • And with that, I have turned these off… @abulsme: with morsi its us recent books skin now waste life recipe mugabe business photo house… 19:27:40
  • RT @BYUfan: Halelujah! RT @abulsme And with that, I have turned these off… 22:06:14
  • .@BYUfan Yeah, yeah, yeah… :-) in reply to BYUfan 22:06:27
  • Reading – Pluto on the Eve of Exploration by New Horizons: A problem of cartography (Emily Lakdawalla) 22:26:46

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