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Alex and his Tree


We always do these things a bit later than many people, but this morning while Amy slept in, Alex, Brandy and I headed out to get a tree. Alex remembered the place we got our tree last year, and that we got it at night. He said we should go the same place… If it was open.

So we went to that same place. Selection was sorta slim. We told Alex he could pick the tree. He wandered around and looked at a bunch of trees, and was not very impressed. Until we got to one corner. And then he saw it. He knew immediately this was the tree he wanted. It was the SMALLEST tree they had left. But it was his. He had picked his tree. :-)

Next up… This year’s Santa Train. We are going the same place we went last year.

A Man and his Duck


Amy caught me napping the other day, and took this picture… On MY phone. I just found it today!

Backstory: Alex wanted me to watch him play with some stuff he had set up in the hallway, but I told him I was tired. So he got a cushion from a Poang and laid it out on the floor for me to lie down on. And he gave me his duck. I apparently fell asleep in the middle of the hallway with the duck. Amy found me and took the picture. I woke up an hour or two later and moved to the bed, completely unaware that a picture had been taken while I was asleep on the floor… With the duck.

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