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February 2014

@abulsme tweets from 2014-02-12 (UTC)

  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 2/11/2014: 4,248 steps and 3.1 km traveled. 01:01:13
  • Voted. :-) 02:56:09
  • Reading – How The GOP Plans To Crush The Tea Party Revolt (Daniel Strauss) 03:20:16
  • Reading – Store Owner: Employee Wore Banana Suit To Look 'Less Alarming' While Carrying AK-47 (Caitlin MacNeal) 03:28:16
  • Alex was adjusting projector screen today. He let go too fast. Screen bounced. Fell. Barely missed Alex. Our hearts stopped but he was fine. 06:34:30
  • Screen was totaled though. As was a cheap piece of Ikea furniture that was under it. Not huge losses. Just glad Alex fine. 06:36:45
  • He was actually adjusting it at my request and not doing anything wrong. But it released with a bit too much force for how it was mounted. 06:37:36
  • Anyway, taking the opportunity to upgrade to an electric screen instead of a manual. And we’ll make the mount a lot more solid. 06:38:32
  • We had originally gone with the manual because we figured Alex would probably write on it or something and we would need to replace it. 06:38:59
  • He never did though. He has always been good with it. And after the fall just now, @Scatterbrandy is more comfortable with an electric. 06:39:39
  • No cords to pull it up & down, and no rapid spring loaded retracting. Just rolls itself down when you turn on proj, & up when you turn off. 06:40:52
  • Anyway, another in a string of unexpected repairs and upgrades in the last two months. Sigh. 06:41:18
  • Oh, we also had 2 get a slightly bigger screen as the electric didn’t come in same size as our manual & we didn’t want to go down a size. :) 06:43:01
  • It will take a while for the new one to arrive, so we are without a screen for a couple weeks. Oh well. Anyway, very glad Alex not hit! 06:44:13
  • Reading – When Those in Power Invite Us to Learn the Wrong Lessons from Nelson Mandela (Kevin Gosztola) 14:08:56
  • Reading – Mozilla Will Sell Ads In Firefox To Create A New Revenue Stream (Romain Dillet) 14:16:01
  • RT @270toWin: 1,000 days until the 2016 presidential election. 14:21:18
  • Hey @imbou someone else hears it! I don’t hear it any more tho. RT @BYUfan: @abulsme Please! Fix that annoying smoke alarm. #chirpchirpchirp 17:33:14
  • RT @sesamestreet: Introducing… FLAPPY BERT! Play now: 18:24:38
  • Fire drill at work. So much fun! 18:47:24

2 comments to @abulsme tweets from 2014-02-12 (UTC)

  • Ruth M Brandon

    wow! Falling screen is not an everyday occurance and may it never happen again !!! – So glad nobody got hurt!

  • It took awhile for it to sink in, but it was very scary. A couple inches would have made a huge difference, and not in a good way. We are very very glad it was nothing but scary. When the replacement goes up, we will make sure everything is significantly more solid than the last one, even considering the new one won’t have the spring loading that triggered the fall.

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