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Last Day of my Staycation

I took the last week off from work for the purpose of working on a variety of personal projects.

The above is the timelapse from my home office webcam for my last real day of vacation. Hit play to start it. I’m currently experimenting with a fisheye lens so you can see the whole room, although with a bit of distortion. But this way you can see what Alex, Roscoe, and if you don’t blink Amy too, are doing in the room, rather than just seeing a closer view of me at my desk. :-)

It has been a good week. I got a few things done, although of course not as much as I would have liked. I made a decision early in the week not to worry too much about it, and also use the time to just take it slow and relax a bit. So I didn’t push myself. I’m still a bit under the weather and tired… and I’ll probably end up trying to finish a few more things over the weekend even though that is harder when Alex isn’t in school. So I’m not sure I’ll head back to work fully relaxed and rejuvenated, but it was still good to take the week. I should use my vacation and personal days a bit more than I do. I always end up leaving those on the table because I don’t use them.

Anyway, good week over all. Glad I did it. :-)

4 comments to Last Day of my Staycation

  • From DRM via G+:

    fish eye seems to work well. you have lots of office visitors I see.

    2014-10-18 11:28:19 UTC

  • From SM via G+:

    I see Alex has the day shift and Roscoe the night. :) Glad you got caught up on some projects and relaxation, good start on not losing your leave hours!

    2014-10-18 19:19:07 UTC

  • From SM via G+:

    Yup, lots of visitors. Alex actually had the night shift and Roscoe the day. Those times are UTC, so the first part with Alex was the evening, the middle was night, and the rest was the following daytime. I got some stuff done, but nowhere near what I wanted to. I may need to schedule some more days like that before long. :-)п»ї

    2014-10-19 21:54 UTC

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