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@abulsme tweets from 2015-10-23 (UTC)

  • 00:05:08 “I’m not talking about the account, I’m talking about the server.” And Clinton no better. My god, the tech illiteracy, it burns! It burns!
  • 04:04:19 Retweeted @BenedictEvans 02:40:50 Forecast: artisanal, hand-driven car services will be all the rage in 30 years.
  • 05:18:01 Retweeted @RyanLizza 00:23:19 Politically speaking, over the last week Clinton has broken the back of Sanders, Webb, Biden, and the Benghazi committee.
  • 12:17:37 Reading – Hurricane Patricia, strongest hurricane ever recorded, will hit Mexico (Andrew Freedman)
  • 17:20:51 Life got in the way again. Won’t get a chance to release Curmudgeon’s Corner until tonight. Also a few polls not yet entered. Tonight. :-)
  • 18:00:04 Retweeted @MichaelRLowry 17:47:48 First pass from Hurricane Hunters. 878 mb extrapolated pressure. Flight level winds 220 mph. #Patricia hasn't weakened.
  • 20:29:51 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 20:29:18 Dad guessing who Alex's teacher met recently – he asked if it was the President. Alex said "No silly, a human! The president isn't a human!"

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