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November 2015

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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Only by the light of his phone

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan concentrate on the Paris attacks and the worldwide reaction to them. This is a big enough topic that we spend most of the show on it rather than having several smaller topics. We hit on why Paris resonates more with Americans than terrorist attacks elsewhere, the Syrian connection or lack there of, the anti-refugee backlash, where things go from here, and more. Before that starts we do spend a few minutes on Sam’s power outage and Ivan’s driving habits… but really, this is a one topic show this time.

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Recorded 2015-11-20

Length this week – 1:06:46

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:10-0:12:56) But First
    • Sam in the dark
    • Insurance Driver Tracking
    • Agenda
    • Generators
    • Food Going Bad
    • Showers
  • (0:13:40-0:36:44) Paris Attacks
    • Seeing Lights
    • Why does Paris resonate?
    • Syrian non-Connection
    • anti-Refugee reaction
    • Reflection on Republicans
    • Obama Reaction
  • (0:37:22-1:06:26) More Paris Reactions
    • Bombing ISIS
    • Eliminating the Grey Zone
    • Calling it Radical Islamic Terrorism
    • Xenophobia + Islamophobia = Good Politics?
    • Comparing Risks
    • What next?
    • If it happens here
    • non-Encryption connection
    • Parallels to Gun Debate
    • Presidential Candidates on Paris/ISIS/Refugees

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  • 06:11:07 There have been new polls, but ElectionGraphs HQ has been without power for >29 hrs due to windstorm. Will catch up once I have electricity.

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