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February 2016

@abulsme tweets from 2016-02-12 (UTC)

  • 01:29:34 Retweeted @JAdomian 01:06:15 Went to a Trump rally in New Hampshire this week. Hard to describe the vibe, but "what if the Nazis didn't care about fitness?" comes close.
  • 01:56:57 Another debate? Really? Haven’t we had enough?
  • 01:57:03 Retweeted @MrWalterShapiro 01:56:14 I am kinda hoping that on a whim Joe Biden shows up for tonight's debate.
  • 02:01:15 Oops -> Cruz Campaign Removes Ad Featuring Softcore Porn Actress (Kaczynski/Massie)
  • 02:02:26 Debate! Woo!
  • 02:04:44 Hey, all the candidates managed to walk on stage without a malfunction!
  • 02:15:18 Sanders repeated “let me repeat it”.
  • 02:16:18 Retweeted @DanielLarison 02:16:07 Clinton: "I took on the health care companies and the insurance companies." And you lost
  • 02:17:02 Retweeted @sahilkapur 02:16:29 "Before it was called Obamacare it was called Hillarycare."

    Fact check: Not really!

  • 02:18:37 Retweeted @BuzzFeedAndrew 02:18:30 This is the same debate as last debate.
  • 02:19:27 Retweeted @MikeGrunwald 02:19:15 Hillary can't win a who's-the-real-progressive fight. She can win a who's-closer-to-Obama fight and a who-can-fight-Republicans fight.
  • 02:22:43 Honestly so tired of these debates at this point. I know most people don’t watch all of them, but for those of us who have…
  • 02:24:55 Retweeted @PeteDominick 02:24:27 Hilary is saying we CANT do these things he wants to.Then he is explaining why we can & how he will.She isn't winning this debate right now
  • 02:24:58 Retweeted @stephenfhayes 02:23:54 Big part of HRC's challenge is that so many Dem base voters don't want to *believe* that Sanders' proposals are impractical. #demdebate
  • 02:25:31 Clinton coming off as Mrs. No is not a good strategy. She really isn’t that great at this.
  • 02:26:28 Retweeted @kstansbu 02:26:21 Can we all just vote now? I'd rather eat kale than read another political tweet.
  • 02:27:36 BTW, recorded a new Curmudgeon’s Corner last night, just haven’t had a chance to get it out yet. Hopefully in the next few hours.
  • 02:37:27 This debate makes me weary. Or maybe I was weary already.
  • 02:39:54 Lots of popping on Hillary’s microphone. Very distracting.
  • 02:41:49 Guess Bernie is popping too.
  • 02:41:56 Retweeted @TheFix 02:41:49 The 2016 race in 2-ish words: Incrementalism vs idealism
  • 02:50:09 Retweeted @INJO 02:49:53 Meanwhile, in Washington… #DemDebate
  • 02:50:49 I understand why he didn’t, but I really wish Biden was a third person on this stage right now.
  • 02:54:07 Sanders is doing better than Clinton tonight. More passion. More compelling. Even if Hillary’s pragmatism may be more realistic.
  • 02:55:23 I’m really eager to see some fresh Nevada and South Carolina polls.
  • 02:55:31 Retweeted @kmillard 02:55:12 @BuzzFeedAndrew in reply to BuzzFeedAndrew
  • 02:59:37 Retweeted @MatthewKeysLive 02:59:30 Someone should create a supercut of tonight’s debate highlighting each time Sanders & Clinton have said they agree with each other.
  • 03:03:14 Retweeted @bennyjohnson 03:03:03 Can we PLEASE stop with the "I don't know anything. We don't coordinate!" Super PAC bullshit. Everyone on DC knows it's not true.
  • 03:05:21 Bored of Clinton using Obama as an example of how you can do something counter to donations. No examples using herself as Senator?
  • 03:06:23 Retweeted @TimFernholz 03:05:50 actually, there are liberal people who work on Wall Street who give money to Clinton for reasons unrelated to business
  • 03:06:36 Retweeted @mattyglesias 03:06:23 I kinda do think half these Wall Street guys are throwing money around just for fun. Right to Rise, anyone?
  • 03:09:40 Break time. Think it will be long enough for me to take a nap?
  • 03:14:35 No nap. Oh well.
  • 03:16:01 Retweeted @danpfeiffer 03:00:48 Sanders & Clinton are playing by 2 set of rules. She's constrained by political reality; Sanders isn't. That's a hard game for her to win
  • 03:17:14 Retweeted @Max_Fisher 03:16:19 AUDIENCE QUESTION: which government programs would you cut

    SANDERS: the bad ones
    CLINTON: same the bad ones don’t worry about which

  • 03:17:34 Retweeted @jbview 03:17:11 Bernie flubs waste in gov't answer – then interrupts to give his defense dep't answer he should have given the first time. #oops
  • 03:23:43 What was that finger wag thing Sanders just did?
  • 03:25:41 Retweeted @anamariecox 03:25:33 Martin O’Malley crying into his hands rn, mumbling something about “I said more debates, I wanted more debates…”
  • 03:25:54 Retweeted @ComfortablySmug 03:25:40 Bernie says Hillary is a friend. Hillary looks at him like she wants to stab and vivisect him live on stage
  • 03:26:51 They both look so tied.
  • 03:27:11 Kissinger argument!
  • 03:28:33 Clinton replies by actually defending Kissinger? Really?
  • 03:29:42 Bernie already has the millennials. Bringing up events of the 60’s and 70’s is trying to target boomers, Clinton’s core.
  • 03:30:23 Retweeted @JFKucinich 03:30:13 Dear Republicans, the Democrats are currently debating the Nixon era …
  • 03:30:41 Retweeted @lizcgoodwin 03:29:19 This debate just got SUPER baby boomer
  • 03:30:50 Retweeted @NPRinskeep 03:30:41 This argument about Kissinger is actually meaningful. "I listen to everybody" vs "I don't listen to certain people" an important difference.
  • 03:31:33 Retweeted @bencasselman 03:30:56 Well of course the young folk love Bernie. All I ever hear Millennials talk about is the domino theory and the Cambodian genocide.
  • 03:31:54 Retweeted @daveweigel 03:31:43 We've gotten past the Kissinger segment, but what do these candidates think of China's aggression toward Quemoy and Matsu?
  • 03:32:06 Retweeted @TimothyNoah1 03:31:59 Henry Kissinger, at 92, is still a topic for political debate. How many officials four decades out of office can say same?
  • 03:32:29 Retweeted @nxthompson 03:27:43 Hillary: "I killed Bin Laden"
    Sanders: "I will kill Henry Kissinger"
  • 03:32:34 Retweeted @WaPoSean 2016-02-11 19:19:26 BREAKING: Rubio says the Twix bar that broke his tooth was frozen.
  • 03:33:32 Retweeted @igorvolsky 03:25:46 Bernie had months to develop a detailed progressive foreign policy. He hasn't. This leads me to believe that he's not very interested in it
  • 03:42:41 Missed the last 10 minutes or so due to homework drama. Did I miss anything good?
  • 03:44:09 Retweeted @EvanMcSan 03:43:58 i don't know why you all are so surprised the guy who talks about the 1932 election and re-litigates Vietnam is winning the youth vote
  • 03:44:37 We’re talking about Churchill now?
  • 03:49:42 “One of us ran against Barack Obama, that was not me”. HRC looked like she wanted to strangle him for that.
  • 03:49:58 Retweeted @hominidviews 03:49:29 Waiting anxiously for Robert E. Lee….
  • 03:50:26 Retweeted @hominidviews 03:50:19 Man…Democrats SUCK at negative campaigning. #DemDebate
  • 03:50:46 Retweeted @hunterschwarz 03:50:17 Clinton's face when Sanders said, "One of us ran against Barack Obama. I was not that candidate."
  • 03:52:24 Retweeted @alexburnsNYT 03:49:56 End of debate tees up Clinton to fly into South Carolina and go *all out* on Sanders as Obama critic
  • 03:52:33 Retweeted @PoliticoCharlie 03:50:34 Bernie is only politician who can name check Herbert Hoover, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Churchill & Mossadegh and still kill it w/the youth vote
  • 03:53:04 Retweeted @aedwardslevy 03:52:55 Between Hillary Clinton's agreeing and Bernie Sanders' friends, this is maybe the world's most passive-aggressive debate
  • 03:53:35 Retweeted @TheFix 03:53:27 That debate finished seven minutes early. God bless you PBS. God bless each and every one of you.
  • 03:54:41 And the debate is over! I think the Clinton/Sanders lines are pretty set though, won’t move polls. Sanders NH win might. Some. Not enough.
  • 03:56:14 OK, off to do other things for a bit. Then I have to get the podcast out and do a Dem superdelegate update before bed tonight. ZZZzzz…
  • 04:30:57 Retweeted @robyoon 04:22:27 Tonight marked Hillary Clinton's 25th presidential debate. The 1st was on 4/26/2007. #DemDebate #CNNElection
  • 04:33:11 Retweeted @NickKristof 04:18:41 On my timeline, both Clinton and Sanders fans agree that the debate was a knockout. They just disagree about who won.
  • 04:40:07 Retweeted @JimmyPrinceton 04:06:10 Millennials don't know who Kissinger is but the older liberals supporting Hillary do. Smart play.
  • 07:03:43 Retweeted @ow 06:40:57 beautiful video of windows 95's launch
  • 07:48:46 Retweeted @daveweigel 03:42:58 The Sanders campaign rapid response on Kissinger is straight fire
  • 14:57:07 Of course, didn’t get to either of those before falling asleep. Trying to squeeze them both in before work this morning… in reply to abulsme
  • 15:13:22 [Abulpost] Curmudgeon's Corner: Embrace the Mud!
  • 18:06:44 Retweeted @africa_focus 17:15:36 @abulsme Yes, but changing the superdelegates' position or rules is easier than getting rid of the electoral college! in reply to abulsme
  • 18:07:34 .@africa_focus Very true! Supers can change their minds any time, and changing rules only takes a vote at the convention! in reply to africa_focus
  • 18:20:31 Not finished processing new superdelegate info for today, but the day job calls. I will try to finish up tonight. Net +11 Clinton so far.
  • 18:32:58 First post NH polls showing Trump consolidating his lead and Sanders closing on Clinton. Fun!!
  • 22:03:13 I feel like I should say something about Gilmore, but I have nothing to say.

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