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February 2016

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Conspiracy Machine

On this week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner podcast Sam and Ivan do indeed talk a lot about Election 2016 and all of the developments there, but there is other news this week too! So first off is a discussion of Apple vs the FBI, then an analysis of the battle following Justice Scalia’s death. Oh, and you get the story of Sam’s drive from Seattle to San Francisco, and a bit about the limitations of video streaming too!

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Recorded 2016-02-19

Length this week – 2:16:56

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:10-0:31:57) But First
    • Sam in a Hotel
    • Agenda
    • New Microphone
    • Internet Quality
    • Sam’s Drive
  • (0:32:37-0:54:55) Apple vs FBI
    • The Order
    • Why Apple Refused
    • Why is FBI pushing this case?
    • What if Apple loses?
    • What if Apple wins?
    • Industry Implications
    • Slippery Slope
    • Politicians and Encryption
  • (0:55:58-1:21:14) Death of Justice Scalia
    • Ivan’s doppelgГ¤nger
    • The news breaks, people go nuts
    • Republican Senate says don’t even nominate
    • Higher stakes that previous vacancies?
    • Recess Appointment?
    • Does this damage Senate Republicans?
    • Who does Obama pick?
    • Hypocrisy?
    • Will the wall hold until January?
    • Impact of 4-4 Court
  • (1:22:34-1:40:01) Election 2016 – Democrats
    • Upcoming Contest Schedule
    • Nevada Polls
    • Election Graphs Comment
    • Superdelegates
    • Possible paths for Sanders
  • (1:40:50-2:08:09) Election 2016 – Republicans
    • The Latest Debate
    • Polling Update
    • Gaming out the next states
    • Trump trying to lose?
    • Trump lawsuit threats
    • Trump’s RNC Deal
    • Trump and the Pope
  • (2:09:18-2:16:36) Lightning Round
    • Obama going to Cuba
    • Steaming Video

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