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  • 02:09:12 Listening to Obama at #NerdProm on C-Span radio. Already laughing quite a bit. He is good. :-)
  • 02:38:49 I think Obama’s but started out strong but got weaker as it went. Oh well!
  • 02:40:45 I gather a lot of jokes were visual though, and I was just listening to the audio while playing with my son. I’ll watch the video layer.
  • 02:43:30 Larry Whitmore not funny at all really. Oh well.
  • 02:53:16 Retweeted @johntabin 02:51:02 Larry Wilmore is bombing so hard the Secret Service is about to jump on Obama to protect him from shrapnel
  • 04:04:27 [Blog Post] Electoral College: Trump and Cruz both weakening against Clinton
  • 04:14:47 I see there are people offended by Whitmore’s bit? I didn’t find it particularly funny, but there was zero about it that was offensive.
  • 04:57:26 Oh, and while Whoitmore himself was not funny, I found the reactions of many of the people in the crowd hilarious. Looking at you Wolf. :-)
  • 14:31:39 Retweeted @cspan 13:44:34 WATCH: President Obama FULL REMARKS 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner #WHCD #NerdProm
  • 20:10:09 At Snohomish County WA Dem Convention. Senator @PattyMurray speaking now. Fun stuff.
  • 21:23:05 Now @RepRickLarsen finished speaking. As with @PattyMurray Sanders folks yelling about his support of Clinton. Won’t change minds that way.
  • 21:23:53 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 21:22:51 Yes, maybe if you interrupt and scream @ the superdelegate for thirty seconds, they will change their vote… #dumb
  • 21:27:52 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 21:20:43 "All 8 years I could see were during the 1980's so, as far as I'm concerned, you all look like Cyndi Lauper and Boy George."
  • 21:28:05 Retweeted @cyrushabib 21:26:52 You know it!
  • 22:16:07 Now we have @RepDelBene talking for a bit. So far no boos from Sanders people…. Oops. Someone just interrupted her. Boos and yelling. :-(
  • 22:16:22 A little respect people. Geeze.
  • 22:17:43 She is getting heckled because she interrupted an idiotic platform debate. These people are idiots. Sorry @RepDelBene. Snohohomish WA Conv.
  • 22:19:37 I would much rather hear from a sitting Congressperson than people with nothing better to do than argue about insignificant wording changes.
  • 22:23:44 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 22:23:14 Motion to kick all the stupid and rude people out of the convention.