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@abulsme tweets from 2016-05-21 (UTC)

  • 03:25:16 Listening to Floor Fight Trump Wraps It Up
  • 04:32:52 Listening to TALK NERDY Episode 109 – Ben Hauck
  • 08:35:30 I was supposed to leave Seattle for Boston 8.5 hrs ago. 6.5 hrs in terminal and 2 hrs in a plane later, the plane is still at the gate. Yay!
  • 08:37:53 Not to mention the three hours at the terminal before that since I was good and got to the airport long before my scheduled flight.
  • 08:39:01 Original flight was delayed enough they said I would almost certainly miss connection. So they rebooked me on a direct flight leaving later.
  • 08:40:36 Then after I boarded the new flight we have been delayed by maintenance issues. Left the gate for awhile, but then came back. Fun!
  • 08:47:35 Pilot says there was a glitch with the nav system. But they turned it off and on again, and now we are good to go as soon as we refuel. :-/
  • 15:09:28 I’m in Boston. Have my bag. Waiting for my sister to pull up and get me. Just under 19 hours since I left home. Yawn!
  • 18:27:35 Retweeted @Kohls 02:40:25 Candace made the Internet's day, so we wanted to make hers. Chewbacca masks for the whole fam (plus a little extra)!