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November 2017

Halloween 2017 Timelapse

Although I’ve missed a few, most years lately I’ve tried to do a timelapse of the trick-or-treat hours at my house. Here is this year’s. I think it came out pretty well this time!

Some facts:

  • The first trick treaters arrived at 1:01 UTC (6:01 PM Pacific)
  • The peak 20 minute period was 1:40 UTC to 2:00 UTC (6:40 PM to 7:00 PM Pacific).
  • The last visitors came at 3:10 UTC (8:10 PM Pacific).
  • Total for the night was 143 people, including both kids and parents.

And here is the histogram of when people came based on analysis of the timelapse:

You can of course also see my family getting ready, going out ourselves, and cleaning up afterwards. Oh, and the 21 additional hours of November 1st (UTC) after all that was over.

And of course, all this is possible because finally, about a year since it stopped being fully functional and I didn’t have time to fix it because I was swamped with, the AbulCam is back and better than ever. I upgraded both the hardware and software behind it in the last few weeks to be ready for Halloween. So enjoy and check by any time. It will probably usually be mounted in my home office, but at the moment it is still pointed at our driveway. Over time I may move it to other interesting places depending on what I feel like. :-)

2 comments to Halloween 2017 Timelapse

  • Diane Minter

    Yes, I think it turned out great!! Full family participation including Grandma Ruth and Miley. I would have liked a slower version to check out the trick or treaters! I commented first on the original post, then realized it was public so I erased it. Nice thing about google + You can edit!! With other things, once it is posted, whoops, it is there.(Like this )

  • Yes, this is here. This Halloween is coming quickly! We’ll see what things look like this year!

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