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July 2018

A Little Detour

Sunday’s fun thing was deciding to not just go on I-90 for the last couple days, but instead take smaller more scenic routes a bit further south through Bighorn and Yellowstone. We had already decided days ago to aim at getting home Monday instead of Sunday, so we could afford a little extra time. The detour added about three and a half hours to our trip.

Lots of great views as we passed through Bighorn. As we passed through, Brandy stopped for a deer crossing the road, but just as she started up again, the deer’s baby ran in front of us. We did hit it, but thankfully at very low speed. The deer got knocked over, but popped up immediately and ran to its mom. They glared at us angrily as we drove away.

We got to Yellowstone at twilight, so no stopping, just straight through from the west side to the east side, mostly in the dark, although we saw quite a lot of steam coming up from hot springs and smelled the sulfur anyway.

Alex Verdict: Too long and mom hit too many deer

Brandy Verdict: It was pretty. Didn’t like the dead animals. The bison was sad.

Sam Verdict: The drive was great. Next time hit Yellowstone in the daytime.

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  • Ruth M Brandon

    Never been to Yellowstone myself but yes, daytime would be more interesting and with lots more to see! Glad the fawn got up and rejoined its mother!

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