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June 2024

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Eat the Chips

This week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner was recorded before the attacks in Paris, so that will have to wait for next week. In the mean time, Sam is joined by new guest cohost Amber for a different kind of show. Very little politics or tech this week. Instead we talk driver’s licenses and coverage of science in the media as our main topics, followed by a lightning round where we touch on the use and development of language, the red Starbucks cups, and yeah, Sam does sneak in a couple minutes on the last Republican debate.

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Recorded 2015-11-12

Length this week – 1:41:27

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:00-0:21:13) But First
    • Disclaimer: Recorded before Paris
    • Introducing Amber
    • Agenda
    • Sam Foot Update
    • Working from Home
  • (0:21:55-0:53:41) Driver’s Licenses
    • Teens Getting Licenses
    • Ding Etiquette
    • Stupid Written Tests
    • Retesting Drivers?
    • New Air Travel Rules
    • Flying with no ID
    • Reactions to Changes
  • (0:54:42-1:19:10) Popular Coverage of Science
    • What should science coverage be like?
    • Communicating uncertainty
    • Confirmation Bias
    • Difficulties with Replication
    • Publication Process Changes?
    • False Balance
    • Following Health Recommendations?
    • Individual Differences
    • Cost Benefit Tradeoffs
  • (1:19:49-1:41:07) Lightning Round
    • Why brands become generic
    • Movie: Princess and the Frog
    • Language Consolidation?
    • Republican Debate
    • Partisans moderating debates
    • Starbucks Seasonal Cups

I Broke My Foot


Lovely, huh? I was trying to do an obstacle course Alex had built in our driveway. I was on my bike. I fell. Crunched my foot between a wooden 4×4 and my bike. It wasn’t a hard fall, and at first I thought it was nothing and I would just get up and brush it off. That idea disappeared once I tried to stand up.

After a night of crawling slowly from room to room since I couldn’t stand or walk, and with even the crawling resulting in quite a bit of pain, Brandy made me go to the doctor. :-)

For now I have a boot on my left foot and I’ve got some crutches. I’ve been referred to an orthopedic office to see exactly what more they want to do with me. Sounds like it will probably be more than just the boot. In the mean time, I’m hobbling around the house, but even going from room to room is a fairly big effort, and often quite painful. The doctor says no weight at all on the foot if I don’t want to make it worse, and that I need to minimize how much I’m up and around.

So I’m thinking I have lots of working from home in my immediate future, and probably quite a bit of time just in bed or on the couch. Sounds like minimum 4 to 6 weeks to heal, possibly more.


But hey, at age 44 this is my first broken bone ever, so I guess I did pretty well…

Alex Foot

A neighborhood dentist office was doing the process they often do with teeth on people’s fingers and such at the neighborhood July 4th picnic. Alex used his foot.

Taken 2010 Jul 4 23:15 UTC