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July 2024

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Topping the First One

On this week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner… what else? Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. After a short bit on Hurricane Matthew, we dive into Trump’s taxes, then the Veep debate. We had originally ended the show there, but after the big Trump news Friday, we came back and recorded a bonus segment on the 2005 tape and the beginnings of the aftermath. The situation is still unfolding, but we had to stop and actually get the show out!

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Show Details:

Recorded 2016-10-07
Length this week – 2:06:16

  • (0:01:26-0:21:11) But First
    • Agenda
    • Curmudgeon’s Corner Mug
    • Hurricane Matthew
  • (0:22:15-0:54:38) Trump Taxes
    • Background
    • How did he lose the billion?
    • Lying Trump
    • Political impact
    • Sam’s polling frustrations
    • Polling update
    • Undecided and 3P votes
  • (0:55:42-1:24:36) Veep Debate and More
    • The debate was boring
    • Kaine’s annoying interruptions
    • Pence pretends Trump doesn’t exist
    • Pence 2020?
    • Hidden voters?
    • Impact of the VP debate
    • The next debate
    • Bringing up Bill?
    • False Goodbye
  • (1:24:50-2:06:16) Bonus Segment!
    • Trump tape
    • Who is surprised?
    • Crude comments
    • Juana scolds Ivan
    • How much does this hurt Trump?
    • Clinton speech transcripts
    • Trump meltdown coming?
    • Republican damage control
    • Straight party ticket
    • 3rd party voters
    • Defections begin
    • Too late to dump Trump?
    • Long term damage from 2016
    • False goodbye 2
    • Final update


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ALeXMXeLA: Minecraft Meltdown (Ep 1)

Alex has been bugging me for ages to start letting him record Minecraft videos like his favorites TheDiamondMinecart and StampyLongNose. This became more urgent though once one of his friends from school became Reid the Diamond Robot and started posting his own videos.

So here we go, Alex’s first Minecraft video. Um, he was really tired when we did this one, and got increasingly frustrated as we went, leading to a complete meltdown in the last few minutes of the video. Oops! He still wanted to post it though!

We’ve already got two more episodes recorded after this one that I will be posting soon. So subscribe to ALeXMXeLA on YouTube now to see more as they get made!