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September 2023

Grama Leslie Visit Day 9

Playing with the EXAL train!

Walking with Grandma Leslie

Grandma Getting a Picture

Blurry, but Grandma really wanted this shot of Alex and Daddy walking together. :-) (Photo by Grandma Leslie)


Father and Daughter (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

[Photo of Brandy on the couch by Grandma Leslie Censored]

Packing to go

Alex and Grandma Leslie with sleeping Alex

This might be worth opening one eye. Maybe.

[Photo of Brandy with Grandma Leslie and Alex Censored]

[Photo of Amy, Brandy, Grandma Leslie and Alex Censored]

Back to sleep on Grandma Leslie

And then she was off. Goodbye Grandma Leslie!

Alex woke up in the car to say goodbye though. (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

And Daddy went off to work! (For the record, that is not me on the zipline.)

Mom Visit Tuesday

Almost done with Tut (Photo from Mom)

Really, Alex, almost done! (Photo from Amy)

It is OK, I forgive you for boring, upsetting and scaring me. (Photo from Amy)

Of course, there is still an IMAX movie…

Not happy about this IMAX of which you speak.

Oh wait… there is popcorn? Why didn’t you say so?

40 minutes in the dark => Nap in the Grass (Photo from Mom)

And playing in sculptures (Photo from Mom)

And pictures of the same.

Alex has to try too.

Have to make one of those squished penny things.

And a ride on the monorail!

The monorail!

Even got to watch the driver on the return trip!

Gotta watch everything!

Then home to walk the dog with Grama Ruth

And 17 hours later, time to play with trains some more!

And Grama Ruth makes a big fort to play cars in!

Sister said give her a kiss!

And we’re fixing up my fish bowl!

Mom Visit Sunday

Train Ride Continued (Photo from Amy)

Amy can’t stop taking portraits of Alex (Photo from Amy)

One more looking out the window of the train (Photo from Amy)

Grama Ruth helping Alex off the train

Walking with Grama Ruth

Dad takes a last look at Thomas (since Alex wasn’t interested)

Cause it was time to play trains!!

And then to head back to the car

Come on Grama Ruth!

Then 21 hours later… time for the zoo! With Penguins! (Photo from Mom)

But more on that in the pictures for Monday (Photo from Amy)

Mom Visit Saturday

Amy in Bunny Suit (Photo from Amy)

Alex making cookies

Sam and Alex, playing Trains (Photo from Mom)

Alex and Mom on the play house thing

Alex climbing the slide with Grama Ruth watching

Once more down the slide

Me and Alex on the way to the surprise (Photo by Amy)

The surprise is trains! (Photo by Mom)

What is the surprise Alex? (Photo from Mom)

The surprise is Thomas! (Photo from Mom)

Amy got a Diesel 10 tattoo (Photo from Amy)

Watching model trains (Photo from Amy)

Getting ready to board the Thomas train (Photo from Amy)

Are we really sure we want to do this? (Photo from Amy)

Deciding to be brave (Photo from Amy)

On the train! (Photo from Amy)

Why do you keep pointing the camera at me? (Photo from Amy)

Looking out the window (Photo from Amy)

There is a lot to see! (Photo from Amy)

Deep in thought

Still concentrating (Photo from Amy)

Wide eyed (Photo from Amy)

The photographer

A fun day! (Photo from Amy)

But lots to think about… (Photo from Amy)

Are we done yet? (Photo from Amy)

Grama Ruth gets to see too

Getting tired…

But then, a view!

A view? (Photo from Amy)

Seriously… are we done yet? (Photo from Amy)

Cause I’m kinda done… (Photo from Amy)

Mom Visit Thursday

Grama Ruth plays Cars with Alex

Grama Ruth plays Trains with Alex

Alex Videos a Train Video

Alex has been really into playing with his toy trains for quite a few months now. Spending hours doing it almost every day, building elaborate arrangements of tracks and blocks, pulling really long trains, asking me to “Play Thomas” or “Play Hiro” under his direction. But recently he has found something new and wonderful…

Videos of real trains on YouTube.

The video above is one I started to take of him watching one and getting excited. (He had been jumping up and down and yelling, then I started recording and started it over, which he wasn’t excited about.) He noticed me videoing, told me “NO!” and took my phone, and started recording the video off the computer screen. In all he recorded almost 15 minutes of train videos before I reclaimed my phone. The video only contains the highlights. :-)

Especially when it is late and he is getting sleepy, but other times as well, he will now ask for “Train Videos“, or sometimes more specifically “Blue Train!“. On the computer he will happily watch one after another after another, but he hasn’t quite mastered the trackpad (or mouse) yet, so when a video ends, he looks through the pictures for the related videos that come up at the end, and points at the one he wants, and one of us has to start it.

But… but… with the YouTube app on the iPhone, he is completely proficient at navigating on his own. Start it off with a search of “trains” or “blue trains” or something similar, and he will be enthralled and fully engrossed and fascinated moving from one video to another to another, exploring the world of YouTube train videos… seemingly for hours… certainly long enough for an hour or so long drive home from day care.