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February 2018
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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Count the Bits by Hand

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan’s main topic is Trumpcare passing the House, the implications of that, and what comes next in the healthcare debate. But they spend plenty of time on other things too. From the latest book Sam has read, to Ivan changing data plans, Puerto Rican bankruptcy, Clinton on why she lost, violence on Facebook Live, and much more. Oh, and at the very end Sam reveals his new secret project.

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Show Details:

Recorded 2017-05-05
Length this week – 1:37:10

  • (0:00:12-0:17:53) But First
    • Agenda
    • Book: The Fellowship of the Rings (1954)
    • Mobile Data Plans
  • (0:18:32-0:54:16) Healthcare
    • House succeeded!
    • Voting for “something”
    • Big win for the R’s?
    • Counting the Losers
    • Preexisting Conditions
    • Other impacts
    • What will the Senate do?
    • Getting things done
  • (0:55:58-1:36:50) Lightning Round
    • Puerto Rico Bankruptcy
    • Violence on Facebook Live
    • Clinton on why she lost
    • Georgia 6 Runoff
    • Impact of Healthcare on 2018
    • Trump leaving the country
    • Bill O’Reilly and Fox News
    • Zuckerberg 2020? Others?
    • Budget Deal
    • Sleep Deprivation
    • Secret Project


The Curmudgeon’s Corner theme music is generously provided by Ray Lynch.

Our intro is “The Oh of Pleasure” (Amazon MP3 link)

Our outro is “Celestial Soda Pop” (Amazon MP3 link)

Both are from the album “Deep Breakfast” (iTunes link)

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Curmudgeon’s Corner: A Really Big Room

On this week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner podcast Ivan and Sam spend most of the show talking about Election 2016, concentrating as usual on Trump and the craziness surrounding his campaign, including the tantalizing possibilities of a brokered convention this time around. Yeah, yeah, that gets talked about every four years and never happens, but it is fun to talk about! Around the edges we also discuss Sam’s new computer, the aftermath of San Bernardino, Zuckerberg’s charitable activities, and more!

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Recorded 2015-12-11

Length this week – 1:17:34

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:37-0:11:46) But First
    • Agenda
    • Sam’s New Computer
    • Ivan and Planes
  • (0:12:36-0:58:59) Election 2016
    • Our Detour
    • Trump Commenters
    • Poll volatility
    • Live polls vs robo polls
    • Something weird
    • Election Graphs: Don’t Underestimate Trump
    • Brokered Convention Scenarios!
    • Trump odds Improved by comments?
    • Turnout Effects
    • Prediction Fun
  • (0:59:37-1:17:14) Lightning Round
    • San Bernardino
    • Movie: Rear Window (1954)
    • Argentina Inauguration
    • Zuckerberg Donation