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July 2003

Two Others Before BlueYonder and Lynn

OK, looks like a couple other people may have looked at the redesigned site before Lynn did. Going back in the log files I missed a couple. followed a link to me from Funny Pet Photos which highlighted a picture I took of Sara soon after I found her on I-95.

That hit was after the basic redesign of the site, but before I added the camera.

Then there was a hit from No referrer, so I don’t know what brought them here. But it looks like it might be a real human. All the other hits so far to the front page are either me or robots I think. A few hits to random pages on the site from search engines as well, and Brandy hit the camera page, but I’m not looking at those right now.

But anyway, Lynn appears to be the first person I know to look at the new front page (including the return of the AbulCam) and BlueYonder person seems to be the first person coming from the Ecosystem link. And Brandy did look at the camera (I’d given her the URL since she was with me when I bought the iSight). Nobody who has made my email top ten in the last year has looked at the front page yet as far as I can tell. It will probably be awhile. None of them check the site regularly I don’t think. :-)

OK. Enough watching log files for now. I have to clean that birdcage, get some food, and then answer email!

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