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July 2003

Randy Shows Up!

So, Randy confirms that it was him I saw in my logs, and leaves a comment. The first comment by other than me on here. Woo! Thanks Randy!

The Post with Randy’s Comment

Sam, I did indeed notice the new blog look yesterday. And now I’m leaving a comment. Look at me! I’m so cool!

Do you want to know what’s on my desk right now? I’ll tell you. A 19″ monitor. This keyboard, which is an old clicker I salvaged out of some lab. It’s nice and loud, I like it. A pair of speakers. Don’t use them much, this office is like a frickin library. My old tactile membrane crap keyboard. A recipe for shoo-fly pie on 3×5 cards. An iomega peerless disk with some old files on it. I don’t even really remember what’s on it.

There is more in typical Randy style if you click through.

Ok though, time to check if Randy made the top ten in the last year and thus would meet what I’ve kept saying it would be fun to wait for… lets see… Looks like Randy last made my email top ten in September 1999. Yeah, that’s not in the last year. So still waiting.

But thanks Randy for the long comment! :-)

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