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July 2003

Brandy Comments

Got an email from Brandy this morning about her having looked at my redesigned site. I had seen her look in at the camera a variety of times, but last night I noticed her go to the front page for the first time since I redid it. At least I think it was… checking the logs real quick…

Yup, before today at 01:49 UTC, the last time Brandy had looked at the home page (at least from her home where I recognize the address) was June 24th. So this was the first time since the redesign. She might have looked another time from work or somewhere, but if so I haven’t learned to recognize that as her yet.

So Brandy becomes the first one from the last year of top tens to look at the new front page and send me an email commenting on it.

But I had said I was excluding Brandy and Greg from my “who will notice first” thing, since both of them knew I was working on the blog software that day and I had recently told Brandy to look at the site to answer a question she asked.

But thought I would mention it anyway. We’ll see who is next.

But right now I think I am going to get up and ready for the day, then perhaps work on counting June’s Top Ten list for a bit before doing the delayed suit shopping with Kelly.

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