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July 2003


So today, a few things on the house got glitched. Got word last week that the appraisal was done. It was supposed to arrive Friday or today, so that the official Mortgage Approval could be done. (The current one is contingient on the appraisal… if it appraises for less than my offer price, I may have to come up with the difference in cash.) But the appraisal did not arrive. So we have to do an addendum to the agreement asking the seller for a little more time to get that. Potentially the seller could back out because of this. They probably won’t, but… it makes me real nervous, and will until it is all settled.

At the same time, we were supposed to have a copy of the condo agreement by now, but don’t. It is supposedly in the mail. I need the agreement to know which things are not covered by the condo association, so I know what insurance I have to get. ARRGH!

Ont he other side of things: I’ve arranged for the time off for closing and moving. Marilyn’s ticket to come the weekend after closing is bought. The guy to replace the locks is scheduled for the day after closing. I’ve played phone tag with a moving company to get an estimate, but have not connected yet. Etc.

My stress levels are increasing rapidly.

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