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July 2003


My Tivo caught a bunch of episodes last month of the TechTV show “Call for Help” because they were having a series on Photoshop Tricks which was caught by my “Photo*” season pass. Anyway, the cohost is Cat Schwartz who is lots of fun. The show is good, and Leo gives good information, but Cat is who makes the show interesting. I tried to bring up her blog at the time, but it was down and I forgot about it.

But yesterday on Fark they linked to one of those voting contests with her and some other woman, and that link (forget where it was now) mentioned that she had accidentally posted topless pics of herself to her blog. Woops. They are gone now (although they can be found googling elsewhere), but her reactions to it are funny and well tempered. So here is a link to her blog. Cat is cool. :-)

Cat Schwartz’s Blog

I’ll write more later and give ya another pic. One with my shirt on.

Sounds good. I’ll have to check in more often. And perhaps add a wishlist for the show itself, so I get it times when they aren’t doing something on Photos as well.

Now, if only Stephanie Birkitt, one of Dave Letterman’s assistants on the Late Show would get her own blog too. That would be cool. Both of these women deserve their own shows. :-)

And I will try to avoid accidentally post revealing pictures of myself here as well. Not that anybody would want to see that. :-)

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