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February 2004

Delegate Counts

The way the media has been going talking about Iowa and New Hampshire, and Kerry’s wins there, you’d think he was crushing, and nobody else was even really in the picture, although there is some looking toward how Edwards will do in the round of voting coming up in the next 24 hours. But, one must remember that the vote totals in the primaries and such are not really what matters. What matters is Delegates to the convention. Some of those are allocated by primaries and caucuses. There are also superdelegates who are just prominant members of the party that can vote for whoever they want.

In terms of total numbers of delgates who are already committed, Dean is still ahead. It may not stay that way. But the situation right now is actually much closer than you would gather by looking at the reports.

Cumulative Delegate Totals
(USA Today)

114 – Howard Dean
103 – John Kerry
41 – John Edwards
31 – Wesley Clark
25 – Joseph Lieberman

That’s the current top 5. Of course, we’ll see how that changes after the voting today.

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  • randatola

    It is now official – New Hampshire voters have confirmed: [em]The Howard Dean campaign is dying[/em] <p>

    Yet another
    crippling bombshell hit the beleaguered Howard Dean campaign when a recent primary confirmed that Howard Dean
    accounts for less than a fraction of 15 percent of all voters. Coming on the heels of the
    latest Iowa caucus which plainly states that the Howard Dean campaign has lost more vote share, this
    news serves to reinforce what we’ve known all along. The Howard Dean campaign is collapsing in complete disarray,
    as fittingly exemplified by <a target=_top HREF=”” TITLE=””>
    failing dead second</A> in the recent New Hampshire primary.<P>

    You don’t need to be a <a target=_top HREF=”” TITLE=””>Bill Schneider</A> to predict the Howard Dean campaign’s future. The
    hand writing is on the wall: the Howard Dean campaign faces a bleak future.
    In fact there won’t be any future at all for the Howard Dean campaign because the Howard Dean campaign is dying. Things are
    looking very bad for the Howard Dean campaign. As many of us are already aware, the Howard Dean campaign continues to lose vote
    share. Angry, lunatic rants flow like a river. Howard Dean’s voice is the most endangered of them all, having
    lost 93% of its volume due to his apish shreiks. The sudden and unpleasant departure of long time campaign contributor George Soros only serves to underscore the point
    more clearly. There can no longer be any doubt: the Howard Dean campaign is dying.

    Let’s keep to the facts and look at the numbers. <p>

    Polling leader Zogby states that 38% of democrats support John Kerry. How many supporters of John Edwards are there? Let’s see. The number of John Kerry versus John Edwards posts on Usenet is roughly in
    ratio of 19 to 16. Therefore about 32% of democrats support John Edwards. John Edwards posts on
    Usenet are about twice the volume of Wesley Clark posts. Therefore about 16% of democrats support Wesley Clark. A recent primary put Joe Lieberman at about 11% of democrat voters. Therefore
    about 1.00 – (.38 + .32 + .16 + .11) = 3% of democrats support Howard Dean. This is consistent with the number of
    Howard Dean votes in Iowa. <p>

  • randatola

    Due to the troubles of Howard Dean, temper tantrums and so on,
    Howard Dean’s voters went to other candidates and were taken over by Dick Gephardt who sells another failed tax-and-spend philosophy. Now the Dick Gephardt campaign is also dead, its voters turned over to even less desirable candidates. <p>

    All major surveys show that the Howard Dean campaign has steadily declined in vote share. The Howard Dean campaign is very sick
    and its long term survival prospects are very dim. If the Howard Dean campaign is to survive at all it will
    be among far left peaceniks. The Howard Dean campaign continues to decay. Nothing short of a miracle could
    save it at this point in time. For all practical purposes, the Howard Dean campaign is dead. <p>

    The Howard Dean campaign is dead

  • randatola

    I claim the first “*BSD is dying” clone troll in Sam’s blog! Hooray for me!

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