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February 2004

Goodbye Old Bull

Today in the mail I got the pay stub confirming that the last severance payment from my old employer has been direct deposited in my account. So at this point I am completely done with that part of my life. Goodbye Old Bull! Shall I say good riddance? Nah. They did a lot for me, especially in the first few years. Out of the just under 7 years I was there, I’d say the 3 were really good, 1 was horrible, and 3 were “bleh”. But overall, it was a good experience, and there are certain aspects of it I will miss. But it was definately time to move on.

There is one opportunity that is percolating right now that looks very good, and would involve a move away from Pennsylvania, even though I just got here. I have mentioned it to a few people in person and in email, but I won’t be saying anything more here until it is certain. I give it a good chance right now, but nothing has been finalized yet. So we shall see. With luck, it will come through and I can start there before I run out of available funds and have to start selling kidneys to pay the mortgage. (Not that anyone would want mine. :-)

More news when there is actual news. :-)

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