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May 2005

Two Eyes

imageOh, and of all the people who knew me who were at the wedding, everybody seemed to notice that I was “different”. Ivan commented on my shirt collar. Marilyn asked if I’d lost weight. Leslie noted my lack of facial hair and mentioned that she almost didn’t recognize me. Only Marilyn’s mother actually directly noted that I was wearing contacts instead of glasses. It was only the second time I’d actually worn contacts to an event where friends of mine were present (other than Brandy of course). And I think I’d worn them to work one additional time last year. The others may have noticed, but they did not actually SAY anything, at least not until after Marilyn’s mom said something in front of them.

I had them fitted for the first time a little over a year ago (going through several that didn’t work right before finding one that did), but after having worn the trial pair a handful of times, never actually filled the prescription until a few weeks ago. I seriously doubt I will wear them all the time. I *like* glasses. (Although the fact that I am back on an old spare pair after losing my newest pair in the ocean a few months ago lessens my love.) But I may try to start a few times a week. If only to make it so I can do it easily. The process of putting them on still takes me close to half an hour and I get very frustrated by it sometimes.

But hey, it was worth trying it just to see what it would be like.

And, um… When that picture was taken I was really tired too. But it is the only one I had with me right now of the contact version of me.

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