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December 2005

DVD: Fantastic Four

imageSo one of Amy’s presents from Santa was the Fantastic Four DVD. She watched it during the day, then insisted that we all watch it in the evening. I was slightly curious about it when it was in the theater. Superhero movies are often fun. Usually mindless, but fun. But I was nowhere near curious enough to actually go to the movies. And I probably would not have gone out of my way for the DVD either. But if Amy puts it on and asks me to watch, OK.

And yup, it was a cute little movie. No plausibility whatsoever of course, and big plot holes, but if you ignored all that… Oh, and the fact that Sue Storm was not convincing in the slightest as an actual smart person… well, then it was just fine. And I never followed the comic, so was not worried about the changes from the original story. So I just had fun. You got the origin. You got some “oh my, how do we deal with these new powers”. You got Ben being all sad. And then you got the big battle thing at the end. Pretty much all that was advertised. If you don’t expect any more than that, then tis a good thing.

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