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July 2006

Goodbye Florida, Hello Georgia

Already Sleeping


On The road

Everything is spic and span. Mostly thanks to Brandy. The last goodbyes were said. We loaded the car. Finally we locked the door for the last time. We are now headed north on I-95. We’ll see how far we get tonight.

But we are on our way… I, Brandy, Amy, Cheese, Skittles, Zuri, Mike, six zebra danios, three male betas, one female guppy, one neon tetra, about 19 crickets and about 50 snails… are on our way.

New Address (For Now)

As of today our mail is officially being forwarded, and we no longer live in Florida. The new address is:

Samuel Minter, Brandy Donaghy and Amy Roney
15210 NE 13th Place #2601
Bellevue, WA 98007

This will probably change again before the end of the year, but for now, this is it if you want to actually use physical mail for us.

Corporate Reflections

I don’t have much to say or add, but just wanted to point to a really interesting recent post over at Cackling Jackal.

Long Rambling Post About AOL
(Reb, Cackling Jackal)

The thing about working for AOL in the mid-90’s, or at least how I recall those days, is that the “now you have it, now you don’t” experience harmed certain people. Some worse than others and yeah, you can say what a bunch of jackasses they were with their money and their expectations (and yeah, I can add tales of acquaintances and friends to that fodder). One of the reasons was that most of these folks were young, clueless about the stock market, economy, business, etc. Cycles, bubbles, I don’t recall ever hearing any of those words when I was at AOL. It’s not like there were many people there over 50 to make the connection to their parent’s time during the depression, or people over 40, or many over 35. Not that we would have listened to any of those old people anyhow.