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July 2006

Donaghy Jacks

Another Donaghy highlight, this time Brandy’s mom’s dad Leonard S Donaghy. I frankly think this is even cooler that the pictures. The article is in the Summer 2005 Rumble Seat (pdf) the newsletter of the Antique Auto Museum in Hershey, PA.

Jacks, Jacks and More Jacks
(Dottie Shultz, AACA)

The AACA Museum was still just a dream in 1992, when Leonard S. Donaghy of Pennsylvania donated his collection of over 200 pre-WWII jacks to the future Museum. The collection was brought back to the AACA Headquarters and stored for the next seven years in a small room in the basement. During the past year the collection was moved to the AACA Museum’s archival storage room.

Starting in 2001, Robert Krouch of Mechanicsburg, PA sorted, photographed and identified the collection as his Senior High School Project (as a requirement for graduation he needed to spend a minimum of 100 hours on a project over a 3 year period). In addition to identifying the jacks, he created a website to share the collection with the world. The site is:

Jack Search

This is probably one of the most extensive collection of pre-WWII automotive jacks in any museum and will be a wonderful addition to the AACA Museum displays. A location and design for the display cases has been selected. The weight of the collection requires special cases to be constructed of steel and glass. At the present time there aren’t sufficient funds in the budget to move this project forward. If you’d like to see this display come to life more quickly you can consider earmarking a portion of your 2005 Museum donation to the “Jack Display Fund.” Thank you for your continued support!

As soon as we’re done selling the house, I want to donate some for the display of jacks!

Book: SQL in 10 Minutes (Third Edition)

imageAuthor: Ben Forta
Started: 21 Jun 2006
Finished: 1 Jul 2006
242p / 11d
22 p/d

Another one for work. I’d played with SQL various times before, but played was really the operative keyword. I could use things other people had done. Maybe change them slightly. Didn’t feel confident enough to do new things of my own. So I needed to get comfortable. Thus the book. I decided to get a basic level teach yourself book, and this was the bestselling at the time I ordered it.

After reading though, I think I might have gotten one that was TOO basic. There really wasn’t all that much there that couldn’t be found at dozens of online reference sites. But… having it all in a narrative provided the context I needed to go through and systematically read what I needed to read in a way I would probably not have done just looking at reference sites. Not that I could not have, but that I *would* not have. But the book made me go through it.

In any case, it was a good overview. I feel much more comfortable that I did. It still only covered basic stuff, so if I need more complex things I’ll still need need to look it up or get another book, but for the basics, it did what it was supposed to do.

Oh, and of course the “in 10 minutes” part is how long it is supposed to take for each chapter, not for the whole book. They are so tricky!

Donaghy Photos


Brandy forwarded me info that her Uncle Don Donaghy (along with Brandy’s mother) attended an opening Wednesday in Washington, DC at the Hemphill Gallery including a bunch of her Uncle’s work from the 1960s. Apparently there were a lot of VIPs at the opening.

The exhibition including his work will be up until August 19th. Those of you in the DC area should drop by. A sampling of his work (in thumbnail form) is available on the gallery’s website. Just click on the picture above. Actual prints apparently start at around $3000 if you want one for yourself.