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July 2006

Goodbye Wyoming, Hello Montana

Entered Montana at about 02:13 UTC on the 18th. There was a whole line of people stopped to take pictures of the sign.

You Might Be A Redneck If…

…you are driving down the Interstate with duct tape and plastic sheeting covering one of your car windows.

We had traveled about half an hour on the donut to the town of Gillette, Wyoming where the AAA guy had told us there was a tire place where we could replace oyr blown tire.

But we had a second problem. When the tire blew and we vibrated to a stop the back left window fell off its track and would no longer stay up.

The tire place only did tires, and by the time the tire was going to be done places we called would only say they MIGHT be able to look at it the next day. Brandy did NOT want to spend a couple days in Gillette waiting for the car like we had spent a couple days in Clarksville. So that was eliminated as an option.

Instead Brandy found a K-Mart, bought the needed supplies and bandaged up the window. By about 00:20 UTC on the 18th we were back on the road.

Three is Enough

A little less than 90 minutes into Wyoming (around 21:50 on the 17th) the back left tire blew out while Brandy was driving down the Interstate at 75 mph.

Bang. Then loud and heavy vibrations. Brandy safely stopped us on a shoulder. Where we were the ground was too soft for our own jack to work effectively, but AAA had us going on our donut in less than an hour.

Goodbye South Dakota, Hello Wyoming

There was no Internet coverage but on the 17th at about 20:25 we entered Wyoming.