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July 2006

Donald Paul Hurlburt

imageThis would be my mother’s mother’s father. I have a nice picture of him. :-)

Other than that, born in Vermont. Lived a while in Maine. Married twice. No kids with the first wife. Two with the second. One of which was my (Great) Uncle Rod, and the other of which was my Grandmother. He was a minister in the United Church of Christ. Although it didn’t become the UCC until right before his death. I believe the branch he came from was the Congregational part of the UCC and he probably would have identified more closely with that.

And that is about all I know.

Book: 1st To Die

imageAuthor: James Patterson
Started: 1 Jul 2006
Finished: 2 Jul 2006
471p / 2d
236 p/d

Well, OK, I whizzed through this one kinda fast didn’t I?

First let me explain why this book is the book I read. You see, as I’ve explained before, I don’t have my whole book pile from home here. And some non-fiction books that were for work skipped ahead in line, cause they were for work and all. So I finished the non-fiction book I was reading and needed a fiction. But the next fiction in the pile had a higher number than the next non-fiction in line, and I can’t read them out of order. So I needed a fiction that did not have a number. The next fiction in the pile I had HERE that did not have a number was James Patterson’s The 5th Horseman. See, Brandy had left that here last time she visited, so it became part of my pile. But that was the 5th in the series, and you can’t start at #5, that would be wrong. So I ordered the first one and that is what became next on the list.

So… the book itself. First of all the speed is deceptive. Yes, I did 236 pages a day, which seems really high for me. But this book is printed with a big font and large margins on the pages, and is written in short uncomplicated sentences. Each chapter is only a couple of pages. It is designed to be a quick read that doesn’t require all that much thought or analysis. It just sweeps over you. It is much more like watching TV than reading really.

But, having said that, it is exactly what it is supposed to be. A quick fun read. Well, aside from the grizzly murders. But hey, that is part of the genre. It is supposed to be about four women in their little murder solving club, but three of the four really were supporting characters. It was about the first of them. Maybe that changes in the next four books in this series. Dunno.

In any case, I’ll enjoyed it. As with any book in a series I read, the next book in the series has already been ordered. And of course #5 is still in the pile, so I’ll eventually have to read the ones in between to get to it. That is just how it works.