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Allergic Reaction

So I presume that this means that any day now they will announce that no private vehicles will be allowed within a one mile radius of any airport, and we’ll all have to take the bus if we want to fly, right?

Oh wait, there were also car bombs in the city so this means we shouldn’t allow any cars in cities at all, right?

Those aren’t any sillier than the restrictions and fake security that have already been put in place, which result in no actual extra security and just loss of freedom and increased inconvenience for everyone.

As of last time I checked (a few hours ago) they have yet to announce exactly what new “enhanced security” they will put in place after these incidents, either in the UK or here. But every time anything happens I fear the reaction is going to once again, like the reactions to almost all of the previous incidents in the past few years, be in the allergic reaction category where the response of the system to the attack (or even just perceived attacks in some cases) ends up causing far more damage overall than the threats which are supposedly being defended against.