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DVD: Roswell: Season One: Disk One

Earlier today the four of us finished up watching the first disk of the first season of Roswell. Cynthia had never seen it before, I’ve seen sporadic episodes as had Amy, and Brandy is a big fan. It is not the DVD I would have chosen, but Cynthia is here she gets to choose. And it fits into my “DVDs we own but I have not watched yet” category. So all is OK. (Although I really should have been watching a Doctor Who this time around.)

Anyway, as is typical for this type of show I guess, the DVD had four episodes:

“Pilot”: Introduces the concept of the alien kids in hiding at Roswell and puts them in peril by almost revealing their secret.

“The Morning After”: Um… I don’t remember much about this one. And I just watched it a couple days ago. Oops. Ah yes. They go breaking into the Sheriff’s office.

“Monsters”: Maria is scared of the aliens, but protects them in the end.

“Leaving Normal”: A grandmother dies, and Liz breaks up with the one guy, presumably so she can be with the other guy.

Anyway, it is a fun little series. So far from the first four I’m only at the “it is kind of cute” mode and not at the “I must watch all three seasons right away!”. But I’ll probably watch more at some point. After all, Brandy liked it so much she actually went to a Roswell convention at one point. Or so I hear.