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A Visit from Dad

My father is currently in the midst of a 64 hour visit. About 31 hours into it at this point actually.

On Tuesday he arrived and the day ended as we were driving home from the airport.

Wednesday we did the tour of the house, the four of us went out to dinner (Mexican) and then chatted for a bit at home before everyone turned in. After sleeping, we went to a National Forest and drove around a bit looking at mountain scenery and even dipped our toes in a stream. After that was just lounging around at home.

So far today while Amy and Brandy went to see 4th of July fireworks (which for some odd reason is happening early on the fifth – shrug) my dad and I went for dinner (Chinese) then chatted a bit about one of the projects he is involved with.

Now he has turned in for the evening and I am waiting for Brandy and Amy to return. After sleep, the plan for the rest of today is to show him where I work, then explore downtown Seattle a bit, then maybe take a ferry somewhere in the afternoon.

Then Friday we’ll probably do the Space Needle around dusk, then after sleep it will be an early wake up to get him to the airport and then I’ll head to work as usual.

In any case, it is good to have my dad visit. He never got a chance to visit while I was in Florida, which was a shame, but here we are now. Good visit so far.