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DVD: Independence Day

Given the week, we thought it was a good time to watch this movie. Um… OK, that’s not true. It just happened to be the next Netflix movie on my queue, and I’d had it on my desk for quite some time. But earlier today we decided to watch it. I had never seen it before.

I’m not sure how exactly I went more than a decade without actually seeing this, but I did. As it turns out, I enjoyed it. It was fun for that sort of movie. Amy also had never seen it and was getting quite into it and very animated. Thus, it was a good family movie night over all.

Brandy needed to point out all the inaccuracies about the planes of course. I refrained from mentioning the whole virus into an alien ship with a couple of hours of analysis thing. But it all really doesn’t matter, cause technical accuracy is certainly not something this film was interested in at all. You don’t need to in order to have an aliens attack, they are winning, then we fight back movie.

Worth a watch. Fun. Will probably never watch it again.

Oh yeah, we watched the Special Edition, which had something like 10 minutes of extra footage, apparently mostly character background development near the beginning.