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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Planes and Politics

I’m going to start using the Episode title in the blog post title rather than the date. In any case, this is our 8th Curmudgeon’s Corner of 2007. This time we did much better from a technical perspective, and you won’t hurt your ears listening.

One quick note: Ivan gave me a heads up that he will be out of town and unavailable next weekend, so if anybody wants to volunteer to co-host, let me know. I record Sundays at 16 UTC (That’s Noon Eastern, 9 AM Pacific) although the time can be a bit flexible. All that is required (I believe) is an AIM compatible IM client that can do audio chat and a willingness to spend half an hour or so talking about current news or tech related issues. If you are interested, please let me know. If not, next week will be another Sam monologue.

Anyway, this week Ivan and Sam talk about:

  • Garage Band
  • The Plane Crash in Brazil
  • Sam’s Breathing
  • The Subpoena Fight
  • The Bar for Impeachment
  • Ron Paul
  • Ivan’s Candidate

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