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Curmudgeon’s Corner 2007-07-15

OK, this is the 7th Curmudgeon’s Corner of the year. Fair warning though… it sucks. It sucks pretty badly. We had a lot of technical difficulties this time, with parts or all of the recording getting zapped a total of three times. The last time, we were actually recording it simultaneously in two different ways, and when one crashed we still had the other. But the other was extremely low quality, with my voice way too loud, and Ivan’s way too soft, and recorded all on one track so I couldn’t just correct both volumes once and be done with it. Instead I had to boost the volume when Ivan was talking, and pull it way down when I was talking. This is somewhat sloppy. I did my best, but it still sucks and is pretty hard to listen to.

There are several effects of all this, but the MOST noticeable is what is responsible for the name of this episode. This episode is entitled: “Darth Sam Breathes on Ivan”.

This week Sam and Ivan discuss:

  • iPhone (but you can’t hear it)
  • Sam’s magic touch with tech (but you can’t hear it)
  • Windows Vista
  • Office 2007
  • Republicans in Revolt
  • John McCain
  • NeoCon Delusions
  • Protests in Iran
  • Exploding Recordings

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