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September 2007

Map Widget Thingy Bop

OK, yeah, it is way past bedtime and I am playing with Site Visit Map Widgets. The above shows the location of recent visitors to this site… well, at least all the pages of this site where I’ve got the footer in place, there are still a bunch of old pre-2004 pages with no footer yet… and of course it only gets real site visitors, not people reading via RSS and the like, but still… it is cute.

I generally am a big fan of maps. Maybe I’ll put a smaller version of this on somewhere on the front page permanently. Well, at least until I tire of it.

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  • Abulsme

    OK, I’ve noticed that if I go to a page with the map thingy, it counts me twice, once for the map thingy, and once for the little button in the footer. That’s kind of annoying. They need to fix that.

    I also added both this and the SiteMeter counter thingy I’ve used for years to the Wiki footer as well, so it will now just count as an extension of this site, which is what I had actually intended all along. I just didn’t take the time until now to figure out where in the Wiki code the footer was before now.

    I’m still thinking of adding a smaller “permamap” to the left nav or something, but I’m thinking maybe I’ll wait until the map in this post floats down below the fold. Cause two maps would hurt my eyes.

    One map, the logo, and the webcam are probably going to be more than busy enough if I do that.

    I thought about also extending the Google Ads to the wiki, but I realized that I have to get up in less than 5 hours, so I really should go back to bed.

    So maybe I’ll do that now.

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