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January 2008

DVD: The Machinist

We’ve been watching a bunch of DVDs this last week it seems. This time it was time for Brandy’s current Netflix movie. She had picked this one because of Christian Bale I think. But after the first 30 minutes Brandy was bored and was ready to just stop. I wanted to finish though. I wasn’t sure what I thought of it, or if I liked it or not… I was leaning toward no… but I like finishing what I start when possible. So we continued to slog on.

I think it improved after it hit about the half way point. A little more was happening. But this is one of those slow atmospheric type movies. It is certainly not driven by action. Things happen slowly and deliberately, and a lot of the movie is just about absorbing the imagery and atmosphere and the slowly building emotional angst.

In the end I think it was perhaps a little TOO slow for this. The urgency increased as the movie continued, but it never really reached the levels where it was completely gripping. There was always the sort of watch checking and “is it over yet” sort of feeling. If I had to grade the first half I’d give it a D. The second half would get a B. Overall a C. If you are really into the atmospheric sort of movie that tries to mess with your head, then you might like this… I often like that kind of movie… but having said that, this one still never completely grabbed me.

And Brandy I think still wishes she’d stopped watching after the first 30 minutes. :-)

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