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January 2008

DVD: Saved!

It was time for an Amy pick, but she actually watched this without us… saying she didn’t want to watch it together. This of course made me more curious than I already was having just seen the title and the short couple sentence description before she got the movie. The basic summary was the story of a girl going to a Christian school who gets pregnant and how she deals with that. Wait, let me get the actual description from Netflix: “When Mary, a devout senior at a Christian high school, accidentally gets pregnant, she starts to see her peers and her faith in a whole new way.”

Not having heard of this, I was worried it was going to be some sort of anti-abortion/pro-life propaganda film… I figured Brandy and I should definitely watch it in case any “conversations” would be needed afterwards… of course if I’d looked up any more about it I would have seen that was not the case. Quite the opposite. It was quite the satire of the born again crowd in terms of their attitudes toward… well, everything… but specifically toward teenage sexuality and teenage pregnancy and such. It was for the most part pointing out the absurdity of some of those attitudes. And all done in a pretty humorous way. There was lots of laughing out loud.

And I can understand why Amy wanted to watch it alone… just because some of those type issues are awkward at that age… especially around parents… but there was nothing in here I found any more objectionable than any other PG-13 movie. (Which Amy has been allowed to see for years, despite not being 13 yet.) Still a somewhat odd choice for her. But aside from the teenage pregnancy angle and the religious satire, the rest was your standard sort of teenage romantic comedy / high school hijinks kind of movie. And that is right up her ally.

Of course, it was a lighthearted comedy movie, so it had a happy feel good ending… so it never addressed any of the serious negative consequences that often do accompany teenage pregnancy… but that would be something that a more serious movie would do. This movie was mainly a movie poking fun at fundamentalist Christians whose own self-righteousness leaves them hopelessly out of touch with the reality around them.

And of course in the end everybody is happy (including the baby) and Jesus still loves them.

But it was funny.

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