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February 2008

McCain over 60% of Delegates

As of this half hour, McCain is now over 60% of the estimated delegates on CNN’s page. 66.0% to be exact. If this continues it is going to be a bloodbath.

On the Democratic side Clinton yesterday was at 55.8% of delegates. By 1:30 UTC she had dropped to 52.9%. As of 2:30 UTC (a few minutes ago) she was back up to 54.2%. (Meanwhile Obama had gone from 38.0% to 41.6% then back down to 40.8%.)

Although I will continue with the once daily updates of my delegate graphs and will do the one data point for today after it looks like most of today’s counts are in, I’m also updating a spreadsheet with graphs of the changes today in half hour increments. (I started at 1:30 UTC, I’m kind of annoyed I didn’t think of it in time to do updates at 0:00, 0:30 and 1:00.) If anybody cares to look, the spreadsheet is here.

I think until we get to the end of the evening, I’ll only be posting here when there are significant events in those rankings. (Like McCain passing 50% and then 60%.)

McCain over 50% of Delegates

I won’t update the delegate graphs until pretty late tonight I don’t think, but just checking totals at the moment, McCain has topped 50% of delegates for the first time in CNN’s count based on the (very limited) results so far.