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February 2008

Texas Debate

Some minor fireworks. But for the most part just a lot more of the same. Nothing new here. No big breakout for Clinton, which she needed. She did nail that last question, while Obama flubbed it. But she needed more than that. I don’t think this will give her the bounce she needs or stop the Obama momentum. I think at times when you looked at Hillary’s face it seemed like she knows that is the case.

That last question echoed strongly (intentionally I’m sure) the way she answered the question in New Hampshire where she cried. I looked at that back then and said that I felt like she KNEW it was over. I think that again… of course she then came back, contrary to all polls even, and won in New Hampshire.

So maybe that last question will help her. But this was not the home run she needed.

She’s got one more chance in the Ohio debate. Or Obama has to make a huge mistake.

She is still leading in both Ohio and Texas. But the gap just keeps shrinking. We’re now down to 12.6% in Ohio and 2.8% in Texas. (According to‘s poll of polls of course.)

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