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February 2008

New Laptop for Brandy

Since the new Apple laptops finally came out, I ordered Brandy’s new laptop yesterday. It should be here next week sometime. As I mentioned in my earlier post Brandy’s current laptop is barely functional. This is desperately needed. It will be good for her to once again have a computer she can use fully.

(She can’t use either my desktop or Amy’s very well because it would require her sitting upright in an office style chair, which her back can only handle for very short periods of time…. plus Amy and I are too busy using our computers.)

Anyway, shiny new laptop, coming soon.

Making sure the three of us have decent computers is one of the few luxuries we allow ourselves. (And we allowed Brandy to go a little too long with her dying laptop.) Besides that, Amy’s school takes all our free cash flow. As long as neither of our cars finally decides to die, that should be just fine. :-)

Anyway, did I say shiny new computer coming soon. Yay!

Of course, I have promised not to so much touch it, so Brandy can do all the set up and configuring herself and make sure she’s familiar with every detail and feel completely like it is HERS. So I just get to watch. Maybe. :-)

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