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June 2008

Final Round of MT, SD Updates

The final four delegates for Montana and South Dakota are now determined. Clinton got three of them, Obama got one. That brings the final results to Clinton 16, Obama 15. I had expected Clinton 14, Obama 17 based on the polls. So Clinton out-performed expectations one final time. Of course, it didn’t matter.

In today’s update Obama also picks up one more superdelegate (a bit late there dude).

Total for today, Clinton 3, Obama 2.

I expect at this point CNN will get less aggressive about making sure their totals are up to date and correct as additional superdelegates endorse, and as some existing delegates start shifting to Obama. When they do give updates, if they give updates, I will continue to post them. There are still quite a few delegates unaccounted for on both the Republican and Democratic sides. I hope they continue to track until everything is fully settled, and strive to have numbers as we approach the convention that approximate the actual final roll call vote, but I’m not sure they will bother.

Oh well.

And on the Drop Out

Oh yeah… I was still at work when I got my CNN Breaking News alert on my phone about Clinton’s plans to officially suspend her campaign this weekend…. So I didn’t post anything at the time.

Not much new to comment other than thank goodness. As much fun as it would be to watch her stretch this out, it is better this way.

Now we’ll see just how she does it and if she manages to actually undo any of the damage she has been doing lately.

Town Halls

McCain challenged Obama to one on one town halls again yesterday. He first suggested the idea a couple of weeks ago. It the time Obama said it sounded interesting. Yesterday his campaign basically said we’ll think about it in a few weeks.

Obama should not just accept McCain’s proposal as is without any modifications, but they SHOULD do the town hall thing together. Maybe not ten, but more than one too.

This would be awesome. I hope the two campaigns can work it out.