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June 2008

Selecting Seats

I’ve “selected my seat” a bunch of different times for my flight Monday, but it keeps getting reset. I set them all when I first booked the tickets a few weeks ago. I selected again about a week ago. And I go now to double check the exact time of my flight and all, and two out of my four legs are reset again. Grrr…. here I go again. Less good seats to choose from now of course. And I bet when I actually get to the airport, I’ll have to select my seats yet again. Grrr…

DVD: Doctor Who: The Invasion: Disk 2

Time for another old Doctor Who. This time it was time for the second disk of The Invasion. We has watched the first disk back in March.

The second disk is much like the first. Slow and plodding, with not much happening, and those things happening at a glacial pace. There is never a significant sense of menace. And the ending is very anti-climactic.

I thought I’d heard some people point to this as a particularly good Second Doctor story, but I must admit I just don’t get it if so. I’ve certainly seen others I like more. This one was just… long.

The first disk had the novelty of a few of the episodes being animated, because only the audio from the original episodes had survived, so they animated it to let you be able to watch a whole story. That was interesting, although it didn’t help the pacing obviously.

The second disk had no animation in it, so it was just kind of there.

Oh well. Next!

A Duff in Seattle

My old college neighbor Jay was in town. A little over 24 hours ago Amy and I met him for dinner. I think it had been between 10 and 11 years since the last time I saw him. It was good to briefly catch up. :-)