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June 2008

Electoral College: Georgia Weakens for McCain

More bad news for McCain. His lead in Georgia now slips below 10% putting Georgia into the “Weak McCain” category. Georgia still isn’t a swing state. But it is getting closer.

The summary stays the same though:

McCain Best Case – McCain 303, Obama 235
Obama Best Case – Obama 378, McCain 160

And if everybody gets their leans (and Obama gets DC) – Obama 272, McCain 266

DVD: Stardust

Last weekend it was time for an Amy Netflix movie. (Once again damn you Netflix!) Her movie this time was Stardust. I had never even heard of it, so I had no idea what to expect.

And it was, well… odd… and that meant I kind of liked it. It had a little fantasy magic thing going on. With your standard sort of predictable setup with the hero thrown in with a girl and at first they don’t like each other, but eventually… well, you know.

And there were ghosts, and a flying ship, witches… and a falling star that is really a girl… and it was all very tongue in cheek and funny.

Oh yeah, and Robert De Niro dancing around in women’s clothes. There is something to be said about any movie that has that. I’m not sure exactly what, but something.

It was a cute movie. Entertaining. Light hearted. I little bizzare. Not taking itself seriously at all. But fun.

This is one of the types of movies I tend to like. So thumbs up and all of that.

And all three of us watched it together. Which is always good.