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July 2008


Playing with the 30 day free trial of JungleDisk at the moment. I’ve been getting increasingly ancy that while I have an onsite backup, I don’t have an offsite backup. I’ve of course known about JungleDisk since it’s first release, and S3 even before that, but never bothered to actually try it for anything until now. I’ve always done the math and determined that A) Backing up EVERYTHING at S3’s prices would be more than I really want to pay per month and B) With the volume that changes each day on my machine, I don’t have enough bandwidth with my pokey DSL connection to keep up with it.

Those things aside, I am giving it a shot on just one folder… my pictures… and seeing how it goes. That is a lot less than “everything” that I would really want an offsite backup of, but having just started it about 5 minutes ago, it is estimating “6 days” to complete the initial backup of that folder (29 GB of images). And that is probably sucking bandwidth that the three of us in the house might want to be using for other things.

And yes, I know I could switch to cable instead of DSL and get significantly more bandwidth. My upload and download speeds both suck, and faster DSL is not available at my address, but much faster cable is.

Hmmm… I wonder if my neighbor’s unsecured WiFi is a faster connection than my own… :-)

Back to Safari

I just switched my default browser back to Safari. I’m not sure if it is a permanent decision. We’ll see if after a few days I miss any features enough to switch yet again.