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July 2008

Electoral College: Wisconsin Strengthens for Obama

Obama’s lead in Wisconsin strengthens to more than 10%. Thus the state is now “Strong Obama” rather than “Weak Obama”.

The summary stays the same though:

McCain Best Case – McCain 277, Obama 261
Obama Best Case – Obama 362, McCain 176

If everybody gets their leans (and Obama gets DC) – Obama 306, McCain 232

Still Not Getting an iPhone

Yeah, today is iPhone day. Well, it started yesterday overseas, but I could go get one right now at my local store if I wanted. But I am still waiting. Here are my current reasons:

  • We’re on Sprint, switching will still be a pain
  • I want a 32GB model
  • I want a SlingPlayer app and there isn’t one yet
  • It just ain’t at the top of the list to spend money on yet

I was going to try to figure out a few more reasons, but those are the main ones. But at the lower price point and higher speed, and with the app store and everything, it is getting harder and harder to resist.

Edit seconds later: Oh yeah, I forgot another reason, I really would prefer to buy one online, have it delivered by mail, and activate it at home, and they have removed that option, which really ticks me off.

Roscoe’s Leg Two

The vet thinks it is PROBABLY just a sprain or strain. Roscoe is now on some pain killers that have basically knocked him out, and he is supposed to take it easy for the next few days. (No running around like a maniac in the back yard or long walks that is.) If he isn’t all better by the end of the weekend, we are to bring him back in for X-rays. But the vet thinks that is unlikely and he probably won’t need that.