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April 2009

AbulDash Launches

Well, I’ve finally done something I’ve been intending to do for years, but this weekend I got up a head of steam and just did it (sacrificing some sleep). That is, I’ve taken almost all of the various things that I generally track on a daily basis in Excel at home and moved them onto a lovely dashboard. It now has a place of honor on my top navbar as well for easy access.

There are two of my daily graphs that I haven’t yet ported over because they require a bit more computation (not much, just a little, and in a different way than all the rest, so they will have to wait). I’ll get to those eventually.

And there are still some others on my old graphs page that I haven’t updated in a long long time, that perhaps this will spur me to reactivate.

All in all, I’ve actually automated a bunch of the graphs so they will update without human intervention. Others to require me to do something each time I add a data point, but rather than putting data in an intermediate place to later put in excel, now the data will immediately go live online. So much less effort over all.

I still have a bunch of data in email (and even some older data on paper) that eventually will get backfilled into this. The charts have what was already in Excel.


Anyway, I’m excited.

And tired.

4 comments to AbulDash Launches

  • matt

    what do the N values in the 800s on the weight graphs represent?

  • Abulsme

    It is weight. Which is a force. Therefore the units are the SI units for force… the Newton. People often convert pounds to kilograms, but that is wrong, since a bathroom scale measures weight, not mass. Sure, you can calculate the equivalency assuming normal earth gravity, but…

  • Abulsme

    To be slightly more helpful, 1 pound = 4.44822162 Newtons.

    Oh, and I should note that the picture on this post is updated live, rather than being a snapshot as of when I posted this, which is probably what I should have done. Ooops.

  • Abulsme

    To fix the issue mentioned above, I have edited the original post to be a static image taken 10:21 UTC on 4/17/2009. This is almost 4 days after the original post was made, but it is the first static image of the original graph I used that I have.

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